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  • Main Cooking with Jason: vegetable chili verde

    Cooking with Jason: vegetable chili verde

      Weight gain is about as common an experience for college students as stress and binge drinking. Research published in the Journal of American College Health determined that “about 70 percent of students gained a significant amount of weight between the start of college and the end of sophomore year.” “For many students, this is their first opportunity to be on their own. They can make many food choices, good or bad, without a parent,” said Cuesta nutrition instructor Caryn […]

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  • Main Sports Softball pitches a playoff run

    Softball pitches a playoff run

    By Trevor Nickel Sports Editor The smell of the freshly cut grass overwhelms the field; cheers from the dug- out ring and the softball thrown from the opposing pitcher looks like a beach ball to first base- man, Summer Best, as she launches a line-drive into the outfield. The Cougars softball team is entering the season in hopes to put an end to their six-year playoff drought. In 2013, the Cougars fought their way to their first winning season since […]

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  • Campus Life Main ‘Orange is the New Black’ author visits Cuesta

    ‘Orange is the New Black’ author visits Cuesta

    By Cliff Mathieson Managing Editor California needs to get its priorities straight, author Piper Kerman told a packed CPAC during her sold-out Book of the Year speech. The state is spending billions more jailing its citizens than it is teaching them, Kerman said. Best-selling author Piper Kerman came to Cuesta on April 3 to talk about her memoir, “Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.” Kerman took part in two different events at the school as […]

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  • Main Newspapers vanished from Cuesta Campus

    Newspapers vanished from Cuesta Campus

    Cuesta College’s student newspaper, The Cuestonian, is investigating over 400 missing copies of their March Issue. Three separate kiosks, one located by parking lot 3, one in front of the library and the other by the cafeteria were emptied. However the kiosk by the coffee stand behind the library was left untouched. The possible theft happened between Tuesday, April 1st and Wednesday April 2nd. It is estimated that the missing issues will be at a minimum loss of $180 in […]

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  • Campus Life Main Sports Body by Cuesta

    Body by Cuesta

    By Amanda Fridley Online Editor I volunteered to take the Cross Fitness Training course at Cuesta, and boy, did my world get rocked. My cross training journey started out on a hot and sunny morning on Cuesta’s track field. Jani Johnson, the kinesiology department chair, had the class run up and down the stretch of field a few times to warm up. At that point, I thought it seemed like the average fitness class offered at Cuesta. My mind was […]

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  • Main News Bond to the rescue?

    Bond to the rescue?

    By Cliff Mathieson Managing Editor Eighteen Cuesta buildings must be demolished or retrofitted by September 2015 or the college will be in violation of a state education code. That means well over 60,000 square feet of classes, departments and offices need to be given a new home in the next year and a half. The main obstacle in the way of accomplishing this feat is that “we just can’t afford it,” according to Vice President of Administrative Services Toni Sommer. […]

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  • Main News The Cuestonian sits down with ASCC’s only presidential candidate, Scott Chedester

    The Cuestonian sits down with ASCC’s only presidential candidate, Scott Chedester

    Cuestonian: What is your major and what semester are you in? Scott Chedester: Right now I’m just getting my general education and it’s my second semester at Cuesta. Cuestonian: Are you from SLO? Scott: I’m actually from Lemoore. It’s 30 minutes south of Fresno. Cuestonian: And you went to school there? Scott: Uh- huh, I went to Lemoore High. I loved high school. I was very involved in high school and I made the most of high school, pretty much. […]

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  • Main News Student body president runs unopposed

    Student body president runs unopposed

    By Cliff Mathieson Managing Editor Students have the opportunity to pick the next Cuesta student government president during this year’s ASCC election, which takes place from March 26 to April 2. Voters have the option of choosing current ASCC senator Scott Chedester, who is running unopposed, or “none of the above.” The only other item on the ballot is a provision that would change the minimum unit requirement for being an ASCC member from nine units to five units. Students […]

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  • Campus Life Main News Campus to campus

    Campus to campus

    By Tally Meyers Copy Chief For college students who opt out of a four-year school right off the bat, there are 112 community colleges in California to choose from. Students who go to Cuesta College have access to some of the same resources and instructors as students at Cal Poly State University at a fraction of the cost. Stacy White is an Intro to Building Science and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) instructor in the architecture department at […]

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  • Main News Cuesta to boost distance education

    Cuesta to boost distance education

    It is no secret that enrollment at Cuesta has dropped by the thousands in the past five years. In almost every subject, classes are failing to meet the requisite capacity. Cuesta’s classrooms are emptier than they have been since 1999,according to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office.

    Cuesta’s online classes are a different story.

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