SLO safe ride fills need

SLO Safe Ride started as a much needed community service to provide San Luis Obispo residents a safe alternative to the the city’s current transportation options.
The program specializes in large group transportation (5 to 15 persons). They offer rides from bars/night clubs, concerts, special events, Central Coast beaches, wine tours and charge a flat fee of $5. It runs Thursday through Sunday 9 p.m. through 3:30 a.m.
There have been similar sober driving programs in the past but those have never stayed in business. Safe Ride was created in July by Cal Poly Student Noah Raynor and Mike Linn with a goal of moving the downtown area of San Luis Obispo into the future.
Not only does their business help the residents of SLO county but eases the dependence on the already overloaded local cab companies. It also helps the San Luis Police Department keep people safe.
James Gaddis, a 20-year-old second year, said, “I really love the safe rides. It’s convenient because sometimes its hard for me to justify paying for a cab, but for $5 it’s a deal, and allows me to drink as much as I want and still know I have a safe ride home just in case.”
During Halloween weekend they offered highly needed low cost rides the entire holiday weekend, Friday through Monday. They also recently provided free shuttle services for Collective Efforts’ Zeds Dead and Laid Back Luke concert at the Madonna Expo Center.
Shuttles were so popular after the event it was hard to find a spot in the lines. First year Evan Pastorious attended the event and said, “The lines were crazy, but the drivers were very friendly and I got to meet new people on the shuttle home.”
SLO Safe Ride is making a good effort to protect the residents of SLO from Driving Under the Influence Tickets(DUI) and related offenses. Statistics, provided from, show that 90 people per 10,000 are arrested for DUI and six in 10,000 people are killed in DUI related accidents in San Luis Obispo County annually.
A DUI or DWI has the potential to wreak havoc on any college student’s life. A first offense can result in a four-month suspension; a second or subsequent offense within 10 years may result in a one-year suspension. With high fines and court fees, a DUI can be a big set back for anyone.

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