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Students share giant kiss in Cougar Park

Photo by Courtney Lucas/ The Cuestonian
Photo by Courtney Lucas/ The Cuestonian

By Branden Hopper
A&E Editor

The Art History Club will be hosting a fundraiser in Cougar Park on Feb. 17 and 18 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost will be $3 and proceeds will raise money to support the activities of The Art History Club.

Over the two day event students will participate in a collaborative painting of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, which was chosen in the spirit of Valentines Day.

Members of the club will print the photo and separate it into 4” by 4” squares. Students will paint their squares individually and then all the squares will be combined into a unique 8′ by 8′ recreation of the original painting, composed of 192 separate squares.

The Art History Club will meet with ASCC Coordinator Anthony Gutierrez on Feb. 11 to discuss hanging the project in either the library or the cafeteria.

“We want the piece hung in the library because it is a place with the most diverse students,” said Day. “The painting is meant to involve every kind of student, not just those interested in art.”

The idea was inspired by a member of the club who saw something similar happen in the streets of San Francisco. “An artist was out on the street and he had all the people out in the street participating in painting a piece of his painting, said Sarah Day, a fourth semester Art major and president of the Art History Club. “At the end they were able to put it all together piece by piece.”

During its first semester last fall, the Art History Club was able to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well as the the San Jose Art Museum and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose. The club hopes to raise enough money to plan a going away trip to museums in San Francisco for some its founding members.

For more information about this event contact club president Sarah Day at sarahday4@hotmail.com or the club’s adviser, Megan Lorraine Debin at (805) 546-3100 x 2542.