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ASCC elections are open

The deadline to run for ASCC offices has been extended. Photo by Michael Costa

The Associated Students of Cuesta College (ASCC) is searching for qualified and interested candidates to fill the positions of both President/Student Trustee and Vice President for the 2020-21 school year.

There are currently no candidates running for President/Student Trustee and Vice President.

Candidates are encouraged to complete and submit their application by the April 22 extended deadline. This is a chance for any student to represent their colleagues as a government leader and as the voice of Cuesta College students on campus.

“Being on ASCC Senate empowers an opportunity to create or improve programs and services for students,” said Anthony Guitierrez, faculty coordinator for the office of student life and leadership at Cuesta College, “It enables them to serve on campus-wide committees and have a voice in important decisions that impact students.”

Student voting for both positions is online this year, and the ballots will be sent out via email. COVID-19 has not impacted the voting platform or ballot distribution.

“Elections have been held online for a few years,” Guitierrez said. “It does impact how a student campaigns”

Cuesta College’s current Student Body President, Lindsay Bachman, says the ASCC is prepared for the online transition leading up to the election.

“It is a matter of making sure students are receiving our correspondence,” Bachman said. “Reaching out to students and emailing with them, making sure we have their input even if they can not be present on campus.”

The student-run government was established to promote the general welfare of Cuesta College students.

During their one year in office, student officials will gain experience in the practice of American democratic government while encouraging student participation in the planning and involvement of various student activities or programs throughout the school year. Along with the one-year prestigious title and responsibilities, it does come with some perks: eligibility for a $500 grant, iPad checkout, leadership transcript notification and staff parking (per semester).

“As the advisor, I look for individuals who have diverse opinions and viewpoints,” Guiterrez said. “I believe this provides students an opportunity to look at situations from multiple viewpoints before making a decision.”

Serving as ASCC President/Student Trustee and Vice President is a role that allows a person the chance to engage with school administrators and local professionals in the community. The right candidate will have the ability to put their own ideas into action, implement programs and create organizations that are beneficial to the students’ needs.

“What is it that I am doing on a daily basis to not only improve what I see immediately but also improve the lives of everyone else,” Bachman said. “That comes down to what do we have the power to influence as ASCC and how can we broaden that and see those changes.”

Bachman doesn’t recommend having a heavy school load on top of taking on an office.  There is no preparation for what lies ahead in student government.

Bachman recommends just jumping into the role and being proactive.

Michael Costa contributed to this story.