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Birthday deals in San Luis Obispo

A cup of coffee and a dessert.
A cup of coffee and a dessert. Photo courtesy of Pixbay

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday.

What better way to feel special on your day than getting deals and free items from various stores?

Many businesses sell food and drinks in San Luis Obispo, but not all offer birthday deals. How do you know which do or don’t and which are the best deals?

Well, that’s where this handy list comes in. Compiled here is a list of 20 San Luis Obispo eating and drinking establishments, their birthday deals, and what each place requires for you to score on your birthday, sorted alphabetically. 

  • Buffalo Wild Wings offers six free wings and a scoop of ice cream when you dine-in if you sign up for the app.
  • Buona Tavola, an Italian restaurant, will give you a free dessert with your purchase.
  • Cool Cat Cafe also gives a scoop of ice cream with the purchase of a food item.
  • Copper Cafe and Bakery, within the Madonna Inn, offers a free slice of cake with the purchase of an entree.
  • Charlie’s Place doesn’t have a typical birthday offer, but if you’re turning 21, they offer a free birthday shot.
  • If you sign up on Denny’s website, you can receive an email for a free grand slam breakfast.
  • Eureka! will give you free ice cream scoop with your meal.
  • Field Day Coffee will give you a free drink. 
  • Jamba Juice will send you a reward for a free smoothie if you have their app.
  • Jersey Mike’s similarly will give you a free sub sandwich via an email or their app.
  • You can get one free drink at Le Ciel Crepes Cafe.
  • McConnell’s fine Ice Creams will send you a birthday coupon if you sign up for their newsletter.
  • If you dine-in at Olive Garden, you can get a free dessert.
  • Parliament Deli offers a free sandwich.
  • At Round Table Pizza, you can get a free personal pizza with a drink purchase with the app.
  • Scout Coffee offers a free drink.
  • Shin Sushi will throw a small celebration with free ice cream.
  • Starbucks will send you an offer for a free birthday drink via their app.
  • Woodstock’s Pizza will give you 15% off your order and free cinnabread.
  • Wetzel’s Pretzels will send an offer for a free pretzel via their app.

So many places to go and so little time. There are plenty of options to choose from as well! Which leaves just one question: 

Where will you want to go on your birthday? 


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