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Cal Poly applicants decline for second year in a row

Cal Poly entrance at California Blvd. Photo by Dillon Azarvand

For the second year in a row, applications to California Polytechnic State University have declined.

According to Matt Lazier, Cal Poly’s Media Relations Director, the university received more than 52,400 first-time freshman applications and over 10,700 transfer applications for Fall 2020. 

“We anticipate offering admission to less than one-fourth of those applicants and enrolling less than one-tenth,” Lazier said.

Lazier also said that Cal Poly’s small decline in applications is indicative of a broader trend in higher education; larger declines have been spotted in other universities.

According to NPR, a study conducted by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center revealed that fewer students are going to college. 

The study says states are putting less money into higher education, and that has contributed to increased tuition dependence. When tuition increases and grants and scholarships don’t keep up, students and their families are pulled down on the cost of college.

Cuesta College is one of the conduits for Cal Poly transfer student applicants.

“We anticipate this continuing as the university actively recruits the most academically qualified students from throughout California and beyond,” Lazier said.

Further details about the number of applications received and the university’s Fall 2020 enrollment are not available at this time.

All applicants will be notified of admission status by April 1.