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Cuesta in the time of Trump


The first month of Trump’s presidency has exposed both the divisive nature of his administration and a hostile attitude toward the free and independent press.

In response, a team of Cuestonian reporters has dedicated its efforts to cover how the Trump administration’s recent actions impact the campus community.

As the president’s chief of staff reportedly solicits intelligence agencies to lie on his behalf, as his press secretary forbids major press organizations from access to White House press briefings and as his counselor spins falsehoods into “alternative facts,” the press’s ability to report the truth has never been under greater threat.

The press’s role in the democratic process has never been more important. Intense scrutiny and frequent criticism must be endured, and even embraced, by any administration that truly serves the people — citizen participation is the defining feature of democratic societies, and its value depends on the critical reporting of the press.

To treat the press as an obstacle –– or worse, an enemy –– reveals a commitment to power, not people.

Complete Coverage:

To read the complete articles from Cuesta in the time of Trump package, check out the Cuestonian newspaper March 7. 

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Courts challenge the president’s international travel ban.

Planned Parenthood to remain open despite fears of potential cuts
The organization will continue to offer its services despite threats of funding cuts.

SLO County expresses concern over Trump’s environmental position
The president’s stance on environmental issues has provoked concern among experts.

Millions face potential loss of health insurance with repeal of Affordable Care Act
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