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Constitution Day comes to campus


By Jaelin Wilson
Staff writer

Students, professors and faculty gathered outside the bookstore to appreciate and recognize the United States Constitution on Tuesday.

Several speakers expressed positive sentiment about the rights the U.S. Constitution provides.

“To be productive citizens, we have to know what the U.S. [Constitution] is about,” said Keirnan Cottle, a Cuesta College student.

Speakers noted that Constitution Day came at an appropriate time given the upcoming presidential election and that citizens should exercise their rights by voting.

“The biggest weakness of our Constitution is our people’s ignorance,” said Michael Constable, ASCC President.

In 2012, only 49.4 percent of young adults (18-24) were registered to vote during the presidential election, and only 38 percent of those actually voted, according to childtrends.org.

The group of people at the event was roughly 70-percent faculty and 30-percent students, most of which flocked to the snacks.

A large portion of young adults are politically inactive. With Cuesta’s celebration of Constitution Day,  the school is trying to combat that–one pocket-sized constitution at a time.