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Cuesta College resources to help you during COVID-19

Cuesta College library. Photo by Ellie Thomas

COVID-19 has exploded over the past four months.

  Because of it, many campuses have shut down and moved their classes online, but what about their other services.  Students who depend on these services can no longer access them face to face.  

Cuesta College has made several programs available online, and some limited programs on campus

Food Bank

In an email sent to all students, Cuesta College announced that Food Emergency Services are available with curbside pick up thanks to SLO food back.  Students must be over 18 in order to utilize this service.  No ID or proof of income is required.  The next date for this is May 12th and the following dates are June 16th and July 21st.

You can pick food up for up to three households.  

This will be from 3 to 5 pm on both SLO and North County campuses.  This will be in Parking lot 3 on the SLO campus, and in parking lot 10 in the North County campus

Cuesta College Library

Though classes are off-site and much of the campus is closed, the Cuesta College Library is open, contrary to what google says.  Computers are still available to use in the library for students who don’t have access to them at home.  The library also has Chromebooks to rent.  

Academic Counseling

All academic counseling services have moved online and are held via zoom calls, 

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center has also moved online to a video chat format that is located on Canvas. To add it, go to the Student Success Center Home Page.

Other Student Services

Cuesta has a wide range of regular services that are now offered online. 

Some of these include:

  • Admissions
  • CaFe
  • DSPS
  • Financial aid

All of these services offer appointments by phone or Zoom calls.

Wellness central

Wellness central is a Canvas extension focused on the health of students.  There are instructions to set up a counseling appointment via Zoom.  

Hotline and crisis numbers are listed for those in need. In addition to these resources, the center comes equipped with links for the six main points of health: Academic, emotional, physical, financial, social, and spiritual.