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Cuesta parking enforcement begins Aug. 28


Following the first week of the semester, parking permits are once again required for the use of all six campus lots.
Photo by Steven Holgvin/Cuestonian

Michael Baird
Staff Writer

Cuesta parking enforcement will begin on Monday Aug. 28 for Cuesta’s San Luis Obispo campus.

The cost of a parking permit is $30 and lasts for the whole semester.

For a daily parking permit the price is $2 and the passes can be purchased at a parking kiosk in the parking lots.

The citation for not having a parking pass is $39 dollars per day.

Fatma Shihadeh, a staff member at Cuesta College, handles any questions regarding parking passes or fines.

An important staff member to ask questions about regarding parking passes or questions about fines would be Fatma Shihadeh.

“I hope we have everybody with permits on Monday”, Chief Millard said.

The goal is to get as many students permits as possible. Information about parking passes was put on the Mycuesta webpage, Cuesta college facebook page, as well as student email.

For further information about parking passes, visit https://my.cuesta.edu, the Cuesta College Facebook page or your student email.