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Cuesta students can help the hungry


A Cuesta staff member volunteering at the Prado Day Center.
File photo

By Holly Walsh
Staff writer

The People’s Kitchen of San Luis Obispo is offering a volunteer opportunity to Cuesta students interested in helping feed the hungry on Thursday around noon.

The organization has been dedicated to serving hot meals to all who need it since 1983 and encourages anyone who is interested in taking part.

Mary Parker, a representative from People’s Kitchen, says between 22 and 25 thousand meals are served every year.

“Ninety percent of volunteers say that volunteering was a wonderful experience,” Parker said. “It’s typically a good experience when helping other people.”

The event takes place on the second Thursday of each month at the Prado Day Center at 12 p.m.

Volunteers are not recommended to show up without contacting someone from the organization as it is a small space and can not hold an excess amount of people, Parker said.

Cuesta students interested in volunteering are welcome to do so by contacting Mary Parker at mparker@cuesta.edu.