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Cuesta to host Standing Rock Panel


Oliver Fend
Staff Writer

San Luis Obispo’s Outside Now will be holding a conference and will answer questions about their involvement in the protests at Standing Rock.

Outside Now is also collaborating with the Northern Chumash Tribal Council and the City Government and how SLO has switched from celebrating Columbus Day to instead celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day.

Outside Now’s fosters holistic human development through nature connection, according to their mission statement.

The non-profit education organization looks to sustain strong relationships with land, animals, plants and each other “for our mutual well-being.”

The purpose of the Standing Rock Panel is to highlight the organization’s involvement at Standing Rock.

The event is free to attend and all are welcome.

The event will take take place the 14th of November from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Cultural Center in room 5401.

For more info., checkout the Facebook event page and the Outside Now website.