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Cuesta’s first football team has their 40 year reunion


Victoria Gracie
Staff Writer

Cuesta College’s first football team reunited on campus to catch up with teammates, share memories and enjoy food and drinks after 40 years.

The football team began a year after Cuesta opened in 1965 and ran through 1978. The team had an overall record of 40-72-2, with only two winning seasons, according to the Cuesta College website.

Cuesta is home to 15 sport programs today, but unfortunately football is not available.

“It is unfortunate that football is no longer played here,” said Stanley Huff, a former Cuesta student and football team member.

The number of sports programs have changed from 40 years ago, increasing in numbers.

“When I went to school here we only had swim, baseball and softball,” Huff said.

The growth in sports teams had benefited Cuesta greatly, bringing in students from all over the country.

“I moved here from Delano to play baseball and I am grateful for the school and the program,” said Mario Lopez, a second year Cuesta student.

The football reunion allowed passed players to see former teammates as well as what the campus looks like now after 40 years of changes.

Though 40 years ago, Cuesta College has not forgotten this team. President Stork himself was once a coach for the first cougar football team.  

“The campus was way smaller,” Huff said.

At the very beginning of football’s existence here at Cuesta, practice began each day with the players kicking rocks as they walked from one end of a dirt field to the other, the Cuesta College website states.

Maybe one day the school will be able to have to a football team again.