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David Vizulis: A SLO County surfer

David Vizulis after a surf session in Morro Bay. Photo by Damon Quintard

David Vizulis is a musician, artist, skateboarder, dog lover, and, perhaps most of all, a surfer. 

Vizulis is 20 years old and lives wherever he pleases, on his own terms. While he has a place to stay in Ventura County, Vizulis enjoys spending a lot of his time in San Luis Obispo, adventuring and camping out in his 2005 Dodge Sprinter.

Vizulis loves the diversity of waves and open land that SLO has to offer. 

“The mixture of beaches and countryside is just really cool,” Vizulis said. “You can drive through the county and feel like you are going into a new state.”

Vizulis pulling an air at an unknown surf spot in SLO. Photo by Jeff Fennell

As far as surfing goes, Vizulis used to only ride a shortboard, which was around 5 feet, 4 inches tall. This size board allowed him to boost airs and slice through turns on the face of a wave. However, with age comes change, and Vizulis decided he wanted to switch it up and try larger boards to see how they ride. 

Vizulis currently rides a 9 foot, 2 inch longboard made by Kris Hall called the Daily Cup. This board is baby blue, or as it’s called, “volan.” Vizulis claims that the board locks in down the line with ease.

“I just want to broaden my spectrum board-wise,” Vizulis said. “You can’t always have fun on a shorter board, plus the longboarding community is just a lot more inviting.”

Vizulis explained his love for surfing and living in SLO. With the large population of surfers down south comes large crowds, and that means less waves for you as a surfer.

“SLO is really laid back and less in your face,” Vizulis said. “There is a ton of unknown talent up here too, which is sick.” 

Vizulis explained how because of the weather, surf spots in SLO are a lot less crowded than most areas down south. He also spoke of his favorite food joints to eat at, his top one being Kuma Ramen in Los Osos.

Vizulis hanging 10. Photo by Edin Markulin

“When I can’t surf I try to edit some clips on my camcorder, play guitar, or go on a date if I’m lucky,” Vizulis said while laughing. 

Vizulis highlighted his maroon hollow body Gretsch electric guitar, as well as his video camera that stores his surf clips. Vizulis’ favorite musicians include Arthur Russel, Kevin Ayers, Jim Sullivan, and Mapache.

Besides his obsession with music, Vizulis has been focusing on getting his new Dodge Sprinter van set up for the past few weeks in hopes of transitioning to full-on van life. This includes insulating the inside, lining the walls with wood, building a bed frame, and whatever else Vizulis has in mind for his new home.

“For me, living in a van allows me to stay in my element and do what I love everyday,” Vizulis said. “It also makes it so I can’t go home and waste time on stupid things like laying around watching TV.”

Vizulis drinking a cup of coffee before a surf session. Photo by Damon Quintard

Vizulis spent his summer teaching kids how to surf down at Makos Surf Camp in Malibu, spreading the love for the ocean and riding a board. Vizulis described this as a really enriching experience, and actually a lot of fun.

“I’m just going to continue on until what I’m doing isn’t fun anymore,” Vizulis said. “I just want to keep switching things up, meeting new people, and living life to the fullest.”