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Don’t Cook Tonight


By Victoria Gracie and Jake Trujillo

“Don’t Cook Tonight,” hosted by Dockside Grill, kicks off the new year by giving students and faculty members at Cuesta College the opportunity to support athletics and have a fresh-cooked barbecue meal.

This event has been extremely beneficial to the athletic programs for the past three years, according to Robert Mariucci, athletic director of Cuesta College.

Athletics achieved their goal by making a grand total of $7,000 through this event. The sports programs have found that this income has helped with equipment, maintenance and travel expenses.

“Having fundraisers helps out a lot during season because we do not have to worry about paying for overnight trips and can focus on our games and season,” said Brooke Canepa, captain of the Women’s Soccer team.

The Booster Club at Cuesta College is hoping that “Don’t Cook Tonight” will encourage anybody to come by and pick up a good meal without having to worry about cleaning a mess in the kitchen.

The event allows families and friends to spend quality time together during their busy schedules during the week, expressed Mariucci.

On Jan. 30 from 4 to 5:30 p.m., whole chickens and full racks of baby back pork ribs will be available to pick up in the Cuesta College parking lot 1 (parking lot by the track). For $10, you can get chicken or for $20 you can get a full rack of baby back pork ribs.

Meals can be purchased ahead of time on Jan. 26 by filling out an order form along with payment to Nancy Webb at the Athletics Department, BLDG. 1300. Any Cuesta employees and other supporters of Cuesta College Athletics are able and encouraged to purchase meals.

If any further questions contact Cuesta Athletics (805) 546-3207.