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Early Registration


By Erin Gabel

photo editor

Early registration is available to those who qualify for priority registration, which can alleviate stress when signing up for highly impacted classes.

There are certain groups of students who are automatically accepted for priority registration: athletes, veterans, foster youth, re-entry students, students who are enrolled in Disabled Students Program and Services, Extended Opportunity Program and Services, and California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids.

For the rest of the student population, there are other ways to be accepted. The school encourages students to participate in online registration, student education plans, and assessment testing to qualify for early registration.

Cuesta College has this incentive for students because the school is eligible for funding by the student for success program through the Department of Education.

“Online Orientation acts as a reward for motivated and organized students to get priority, but it also helps the student not become lost in the system and keeps the student on track in figuring out where he or she wants to go [in their academic studies.]” said Danielle Leone, admissions and records technician.

It may be difficult to find on myCuesta, but the button to link you to the orientation is located under the student tab. It is located in the middle of the page in the steps for success box, marked number six.

“It is important not to wait until the last minute.” said Julietta Siu, admissions and records technician. “The early bird gets the worm.”

Students with priority registration can sign up for classes beginning Nov 14 depending on their tier.