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Faculty member receives Cuesta service award, dedicating it to fellow immigrants


Estela Vazquez assisting a CaFE student.
Photo by Alexander Bissell/Photo & Video Chief / Cuestonian

By Clara Applegarth
Staff Writer

Faculty member Estella Vazquez dedicated Cuesta’s Elaine Holley Coats Service Recognition Award to those immigrants who lose their life in search of the American Dream.

The award honors those faculty members who provide a high level of dedication and professionalism to their position. It was given to Vazquez at the Spring Opening Day Ceremony in January.

This award comes at a time when DACA is under attack by the Trump administration, and may be extinct as of March unless Congress revises a new plan.

Vazquez is an Enrollment Success Specialist who works with Latino students at both Cuesta campuses. She is also the president of the local chapter of the Latina Leadership Network, an integral member of the Dreamers club, and gives aid to undocumented students.

Although Vazquez was unable to attend the opening day ceremony due to illness, Cuesta President Gil Stork recognized her with messages taken from the fellow nominees at the Spring Opening Day Ceremony.

“Her motivation is absolutely contagious,” Stork said. “Understanding that for student success, she unselfishly must be available at all times.”

At the staff meeting held Feb. 2, President Stork gave recognition to Vazquez in person, along with a small celebration.

Vazquez said that Cuesta gave her the opportunity to do what she loves and flourish, which is the same opportunity she is able to give to students through her work.