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Fundamental skills learned through Cuesta’s EMT course


Graduating students of the Cuesta College Paramedic Program.
Photo Courtesy of Cuesta Emergency Medical Services Department

By Victoria Gracie
Staff Writer

Many hands-on programs are available at Cuesta College for students expanding their horizons and working on their future.

One of these programs is, an emergency medical technician program for students to take as a class and get work done as well as get experience in their future field of work.

Having this program has helped students realize if being in this field is what they truly want to do with the hands on experience they are able to acquire.

“I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do in the medical field so I took this class hoping I would get some answers,” Sarah Siems said, a second year Cuesta College student nursing major.

Siems was not sure if she wanted to be in the medical field for certain, but after being apart of this class she realized that there is nothing else that she would rather do.

“I now know what I want to do and I am so grateful for this program because of the experience I will be getting throughout the semester,” Siems said.

The EMT program is an 8.5 unit class during an 18 week period.

Students in the program will train to acquire both EMT basic certification and Paramedic licensure.

Fundamental skills and principles are taught in order for students to be able to provide medical care for the individuals at the scene of an emergency and also be able to transport victims to a facility.

The program also fulfills state and national standards for students to transfer to another program or work establishment.

The course has a theory and laboratory that allows students to practice selected skills.

Furthermore, members have to complete a minimum of 10 hours of clinical observation with an advanced unit and/or in an emergency room in order to complete the program.

Students need to be 18 or over to be in the class, pass a drug test and be CPR certified.


Students that are interested in furthering their career to become a paramedic that is also offered here at Cuesta and students need to be admitted into the program according to the Cuesta College website.

Classes are offered on both San Luis Obispo and North County Campuses.