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By Macie Wilson
Staff Writer

With college admission offices seeing more applications than ever before, students are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to give themselves a competitive edge.  With numerous opportunities to volunteer all around, there is no better way to stand out then by showing that you are engaged in your community.

Volunteering not only shows that you care about your community, but that you also have good time management skills, according to Carlos Cano, Admissions Counselor at William Paterson University.

“You want to show colleges and universities that you can indeed manage your time well,” Cano stated in an article for collegeraptor.com, “doing these great things in your community while also striving for excellence in the classroom.”

Whether you choose to volunteer for a boost on your college application, or just want to do some good in your community, below are some places who need your help.


Not knowing where you will sleep, the next time you will eat, or how you will obtain medical care isn’t a concern amongst many of us, but for the over 3,000 homeless individuals in San Luis Obispo County it’s a reality that they have to deal with everyday.  The Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter is currently the only homeless shelter in the community and they are in constant need of volunteers.  Head on over to www.capslo.org to fill out a volunteer application and start making a difference.

Woods Humane Society

If playing with little furry friends is more your speed, Woods Humane Society is always looking for volunteers for any of their amazing programs they have to help dogs and cats find loving owners. You can help with programs ranging from Canine Enrichment to being an official Woods Cat Ambassador.  Check out their website at www.woodshumanesociety.org/volunteers to fill out a volunteer interest form and see all of the ways you can help.

Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County

Did you know, that in San Luis Obispo County, 1 in 6 people face hunger? Over at the Food Bank of San Luis Obispo, they believe that “every human being has the right to nutritious food”.  They are always on the lookout for people to help at their warehouse, distribution sites and food drives.  If you want to join in on the fun, go to their website at www.slofoodbank.org to fill out a volunteer application and check out all of their amazing programs.

SLO Hotline

Over 43 million people are dealing with mental illness every year and a lot of them have nowhere to turn. The individuals at SLO hotline are working around the clock, every day to talk to those in need of help and guidance.  At the heart of their service are their volunteers and they are always looking for more people to “Be the Voice on the Other End of the Line.”  If you are interested in helping out, visit their website at www.t-mha.org and fill out an application to get started.