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Getting back into the groove: How do you feel?

Cuesta College. Photo by hakkun

As polarizing as the whole COVID-19 debacle has become, it has been decided that we Cuesta Cougars should get back to school in person next year! 

There are certainly an array of opinions with this, with some on one side and others far off to the other side.

Yet, the question remains: “How do you feel about in person classes beginning in the fall?”

With the future being unknown, it will surely be an odd time for us all. 

With California on lockdown for so long now, some people are dying to escape their homes, while others are still scared and hesitant about opening things back up. With much caution, we went out and asked a few of our fellow Cougar colleagues some questions.

The results? Monumental. Breathtaking. Ladies and gentlemen, this is some of the best field work we have seen done at Cuesta College in the past decade. 

A couple brave students were given the chance to reveal their thoughts and opinions on this mind bending question. Here are the results.

Cuesta College student Sam Neiger. Photo by Ryan Hill

Sam Neiger is a third year Cuesta College student and a man of the world. In the past, he has traveled around the planet surfing amazing waves and taking in all the sunshine and ocean air mist he can put his head under.

“I am stoked to get back into in-person classes,” Neiger said. “I feel like it is about time.” 

We asked if Neiger was scared to get back into his actual study habits and test taking, without the help of the web or any resource other than the good old fashion textbook.

“I’m actually relieved to be back in class because I learn and do way better on tests and assignments in a face-to-face learning environment,” Neiger said. 

Cuesta College student Franchesca Finley. Photographer unknown

The second student we interviewed was more nervous than anything else. Franchesca Finley, a second year Cougar, responded with doubts about soaking up material after being so long since she has experienced a classroom environment. 

“I feel as if I’ve gotten a bit behind on material,” Finley said.

She then added a sense of hope.

“After a couple months I’m sure everyone will start to adapt again and return to normal routines,” Finley added.

The general question is: What do we expect? 

Throughout the pandemic, there have been many questions and thoughts as to when exactly we will get back to normal. In the past, it seemed as if no one truly knew the answer.

With SLO County being historically more cautious with how we proceed to handle the virus’ restrictions, it is hard to tell whether we will be at full capacity, wearing masks, or even in school. 

Many students are trusting the claim that we will return to class next year and committing to the idea by starting to move back to SLO and applying to Cal Poly. If this is true, and students end up back in classrooms, we will just have to see how it goes and how long it will stick.

Opinion Editor Joseph Acquafresca contributed to this column.