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Intoxicated student arrested on campus

Campus police respond to a disturbance on campus and arrest Cuesta student Leslie Jean Maraldo an outstanding arrest.

By Joel Williams,
Photo Editor

A Cuesta student was recently arrested on campus for an outstanding warrant, after police found her screaming in a locker room during a power outage, authorities said.

Campus police were called to a disturbance near the pool on Feb. 16 and located a woman who they allege was intoxicated, Police Chief Bryan Millard said.

The officers then took her to a Cuesta mental health worker for evaluation, Millard said.

Leslie Jean Maraldo, 52, was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for resisting arrest and public intoxication, authorities said. She was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail that day and released on $5,000 bail Feb. 21.