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Inverse Performance Art Festival coming to the Miossi Art Gallery


Photo courtesy of the Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery

By Holly Walsh
Opinion Editor

Cuesta College will host the Inverse Performance Art Festival for the first time on San Luis Obispo’s campus this year.

The art festival will take place in the Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery; and be the launching point for three days of diverse, original and important performances throughout San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas.

The gallery seeks to elevate the medium of performance art by showcasing artists recognized on local, national and international levels.

The event was organized and curated by Cynthia Post Hunt who is from Fayetteville Ark., where the event first launched.

“My work investigates the individual within the context of society through performative action,” Hunt said. “The relationship between performer and audience blurs as I ask the viewer to explore the boundaries of their own vulnerabilities through engagement with these movements.”

Emma Saperstein, Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery Coordinator, is excited for the event.

“We kick things off on Thursday night with an exciting introduction by the festival curators, wood-fired pizza for all to enjoy and introductions of all the visiting artists, as well as two performances for attendees to enjoy,” Saperstein said.

Durational and all day performances happen on Friday followed by events in the evening, which includes a meet-the-artist event at Luna Red, according to Saperstein.

Saturday wraps the festival up with a performance in Morro Bay, a performance in Meadow Park and a closing night at the gallery. “It’s going to be an exciting time!” Saperstein said.

The performances include art installations, durational performances, classical dance and visual art.

The festival debuts Thursday at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 28 and ends Saturday night.

The Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery is located in building 7170 on Cuesta College campus.