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Join focus group, receive free lunch and gift


By Amanda Vasquez
Distribution Director/Staff Writer

Cuesta’s psychology and sociology departments are looking for students to participate in a focus group — and in exchange, you’ll receive a free lunch and gift.

The focus group will be centered around how to improve Cuesta’s marketing and outreach message and materials.

The deadline to sign up is Oct. 16. Organizers said space is limited.

Focus groups will be held on Oct. 30 and Nov. 1.  The sessions will be about 90 minutes long and conducted by a professional facilitator.

“The goal is to get feedback from a diverse group on marketing, outreach messages and materials,” said Jessica Strauno, Cuesta administrative assistant.

For available dates and times, call (805) 743-9751.


  1. Hello Amanda Vasquez (Distribution Director/Staff Writer),

    I have a new student flyer if you would like an updated copy?

    Thanks Jessica

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