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Local artists wanted for San Luis Obispo utility box artwork


Currently, painted utility boxes can be found throughout downtown San Luis Obispo.
Photos courtesy of the City of San Luis Obispo’s Public Art Program

By Conor Ney
Managing Editor of Layout & Design

The utility boxes of San Luis Obispo will be co-opted as canvases for local artists, and the city is accepting proposals for potential designs.  The city is also accepting designs for a revamped version of storm drain decals.  

Applications for either project are due by March 9, with templates provided online.  

The city began the SLO Box Art Project in 2010 as an attempt to curb graffiti by beautifying the boxes.  The project caught on and, as of today, there are 33 boxes painted by local artists.  

The 2018 Utility Box Art Painting Project will commence this summer, with the selected artists painting the remaining 27 city owned utility boxes.

Along with the utility boxes, the city is redesigning their storm drain signs, which are placed near drains that feed directly into creeks.  The goal behind the redesign is to reflect values of healthy watershed management in a visually appealing way.  

To find more information on how to submit artwork proposals, visit http://slocity.net/government/department-directory/parks-and-recreation/public-art/requests-for-proposals