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Local vegan restaurant: Shine Cafe


Lauretta Closser & Jennifer Belcher
Online Editor & Sports Editor

“You’re a product of what you put in your body,” said Steven Wick, a cashier at Shine Cafe, a vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurant located in downtown Morro Bay.

After a stressful day full of tests and deadlines a peaceful energy surrounds you when walking through the doors of Shine Cafe; with their friendly staff and the smell of delicious food that’s cooked right in front of you.

When ordering your food at any casual restaurant you are provided with a number and impatiently wait for them to call out your number so you can finally get your food.

At Shine Cafe they provide you with a medicine card which refers to a Native American Tradition believing characteristics of animals relate to us. While you eat you can read up on a book provided by the restaurant that is used for guidance, inspiration and help for your daily tasks.

“I opened Shine Cafe to provide the public with fresh and healthy options,” said Greg Barnard, the owner of Shine Cafe explaining his intentions on opening the cafe.

The cafe was established in 1998 and according to Shine Cafe’s website they source their produces from the local Farmer’s Market, bringing customers that true farm-to-table experience and integrating our community in their business.

Shine Cafe believes in sustainable local agriculture, as it enables them to use the very best quality fruits and vegetables in their dishes. The most popular items on the menu are the tempeh tacos, vegetable spring rolls, and the build your own burrito or bowl.

They also offer gluten-free and soy-free options as part of their menu and upon request.

The cafe has indoor and outdoor seating and it’s dog-friendly!

What started out as a simple juice and smoothie bar in the back of a health foods store has continued to morph into a raw foods cafe before turning into a full service vegetarian restaurant.