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Masks should be worn in restaurant drive-thru

Customer not wearing a mask in McDonald’s drive-thru. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

Fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, In-N-Out, Burger King, and Taco Bell have been staples to the food industry in America for decades. 

There would be at least one of these restaurants conveniently around every block of every city, these being at the entrance or exit of every busy freeway, or near a local plaza with promises of cheap prices and quick delivery of food.

Line forming at Taco Bell drive-thru in Morro Bay. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

However, since the start of the global pandemic, California issued the statewide shelter-in-place order earlier this year on March 19. This has worked for the most part but hasn’t stopped those from wanting to satisfy their hunger by going down the street to their local fast food joint. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a public awareness campaign to help protect local citizens as well as combat the spread of COVID-19. These guidelines are meant for restaurants, malls/shopping centers, and any social gatherings. Not everyone agrees or follows them, as some don’t believe that this pandemic is as serious as everyone claims it to be.

Customer not wearing a mask in Burger King drive-thru. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

For those who don’t have enough time to prepare their own meals going out to get food is the only other option. Now drive-thru lines seem to be a more popular decision when it comes to dinner plans.

McDonald’s employees taking customers’ orders at their vehicles. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

As the cars start to line up, they will eventually block oncoming traffic. Some restaurants have taken the In-N-Out strategy where employees go up to approaching vehicles and take their orders face-to-face. 

Massive In-N-Out drive-thru line in Atascadero. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

One reason that could contribute to customers favoring going through the drive-thru would be minimal contact with others. Another would be that some customers prefer to stay in their car and order rather than going out of their vehicle. 

“Masks should be worn at all times when you’re talking to someone,” said Alex Harms, a Mcdonald’s employee. “In the drive-thru, you’re not six feet apart you’re almost face-to-face from one another.” 

Tables labeled “Temporarily unavailable” at In-N-Out. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

Additionally, dine-in seating is closed off to the public, forcing customers to take their food to go or to sit at outdoor tables to enjoy their meals. 

These lines seemed to be more packed after the rise of COVID-19. While the campaign was issued to limit social contact, this hasn’t stopped those from crowding the fast-food restaurant drive-thrus with cars. 

Masks are used to help limit the spread of the virus going from one person to another. This is important especially when customers go through an In-N-Out where the employees go up to the cars to take orders. When a customer is not wearing a mask, they not only risk themselves, but they also risk other customers and employees. 

When going out of the house or going to any public area it is important to wear some form of face covering to protect both yourself and those around you.