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San Luis Obispo bucket list: Bike Night

Bike under the streetlights.

After the Farmer’s Market in San Luis Obispo, one may find themselves in the middle of a phenomenon. 

The phenomenon that is Bike Night. 

Every first Thursday of the month, a wave of college kids flood the streets of downtown San Luis Obispo in an event that includes costumes, bicycles, and high spirits. The tradition started in 2000 and is recognized as a legendary occasion by locals. 

Bike Night, officially named “The Bike Happening,” was not started by a company but rather by the community coming together. People can show up at Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo while wearing the costume that fits the theme of the month. 

“I love to see everyone come downtown with their pimped up bikes” said Stephen Degroot, a Bike Night enthusiast. “It’s very fun.” 

The most recent Bike Night theme was Halloween leftovers. The night was filled with lit up bikes and fun characters. November 7 was a night to remember for those circling the streets of San Luis Obispo. 

“People getting hyped and riding bikes,” said Claire Newman, a Bike Night rider. 

“The Bike Happening” is a once a month event that should be on everyone’s bucket list. This is one party that does not require an invite. Bike Night is for the riders, by the riders. 


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