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Sí Se Puede event at Cuesta reaches maximum capacity


Graphic courtesy of Símon Silva / simonsilva.com

By Clara Applegarth
Features Editor

Cuesta College is holding a Sí Se Puede event in effort to inspire L­atino and Latina high school students to pursue higher education.

The event will include various activities such as educational exploration workshops and an essay contest, where participants could win a new laptop. Sí Se Puede has reached maximum capacity at 400 participants.

Símon Silva, renowned author-artist, will be speaking at the event to inspire Latino students to continue to work towards their educational and career goals.

“After the keynote [speaker], students will have the opportunity to attend two workshops,” said Cuesta Faculty member, Berto Marroquin. “[They will] vary in topic from ‘Financial 101’ to ‘What is the Benefit of Joining a Club’. The event will end with lunch, entertainment, and a resource fair.”

The event will be held on March 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the San Luis Obispo Cuesta Campus.

“The goal of our event is to motivate and empower these students to pursue higher education and tell them that we believe in them,” Marroquin said.