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SLO businesses closed amidst pandemic

Express building store closed on Higuera St. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

There are approximately 56 businesses, including retail stores and restaurants, on Higuera Street in downtown SLO.

Of these, since the start of the pandemic 33 storefronts have closed or been put out of business. These stores mainly struggled with paying their lease, which made it more difficult due to all the recent lockdowns and restrictions. The businesses affected included retail stores, restaurants, and more.

Emptied building space on Higuera Street. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

Some of the retail stores affected include Express, Jules D, Charles Shoes, Beverly’s Fabric & Crafts, and Pippa & Ky. Restaurants affected include California Pizza Kitchen and Yogurt Land, as well as other businesses that didn’t have storefronts. 

There are some stores trying their best to avoid going out of business by using advertisements and big sales to draw in customers. 

“We’ve had our 30% off sale since after Christmas,” said Lauren Berlin, an employee at Pippa & Ky. “It has not been super busy since the start of Covid.”

The closed storefront of Beverly’s Fabrics & Crafts on Higuera St. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

With the Covid vaccine now being more readily available, people are still going outdoors. Visits to downtown SLO are starting to increase and struggling businesses are potentially going to get more attention.

Charles Shoes store closed on Higuera St. Photo by Jonathan Apelado


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