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SLO Fremont Theatre to host student aimed concerts


Audience members go on stage at the SOB X RBE show at the Fremont Theatre in downtown San Luis Obispo.
Photo by Tristin Brown

By Tristin Brown
Special Contributor – Journalism 201A

The San Luis Obispo downtown Fremont Theatre has transformed its lineup of performances to attract a lineup of music acts that appeal to younger audiences, such as high school or college students, and the younger crowd is responding with sellout events.

This year the Fremont has decided to make their concert venue a little bit more exciting for teens. Popular rap artists have been making appearance at the venue at 1035 Monterey St. across from the courthouse.

Starting in early October the Fremont hosted the well known group SOB X RBE.  The concert was sold out and the theater was packed.

Many teens were excited to come see one of their favorite artists perform in this small town compared to the Bay Area. They said often the concerts that younger people wanted to see the most are at a larger venue where they have to travel hundreds of miles just to get to and those tickets are quite expensive.

With some of these popular artists coming to San Luis Obispo it makes the young population in this area very pleased. “I have not gone to a Fremont concert ever before but I have gone a lot more this year to see popular artists,” said Morro Bay High School student Joe McCloud.

The average price for tickets to the shows are what young teens are most excited about. The Fremonts tickets average around $25 in comparison to concerts or festivals that cost hundreds.

McCloud, said “as soon as I heard about SOB X RBE concert I went and bought the bundle package before it sold out.” The bundle package is a package that SOB X RBE offered while sellings tickets, it came with a jacket, shirt, and a meet and greet with the group after.  

The Fremont box office mentioned that concert had sold out within a couple weeks and the sales were amazing. It brought attraction to not only teens but many college students as well.

After that the Fremont had realized that targeting more popular rap artist for their venue  generated more income and popularity, according to organizers. After that first concert in October a lot of people were paying attention to the Fremont and waiting to hear what the next entertainment will be.

When it was announced that another hip hop artist, Andre Nickatina, was coming to perform it was well talked among the younger community. It seemed as if everyone you knew were getting tickets to go. Again the Fremont was offering tickets at a low price for a concert that everyone wanted to be at.

Some more artists for the line up at the Fremont Theater is Nef the Pharaoh and YBN Nahmir.

Before the Fremont had modified their venue there were a lot of artists that most young teens didn’t know. The concerts weren’t selling out and only 80 percent of the theater was filled, according to the Fremont Theater box office. This demonstrates how much of an impact just a couple changes can make to interest and ticket sales.

Another well known artist, Ty Dolla $ign, had made an appearance at the Fremont as well. This concert was also another sold out concert, according to the Fremont Theater box office as well.  

The box office stated, “We have had more sold out concerts this year and the sales are great.”

Recently the Fremont has announced multiple concerts in the near future that yet again has teens and young adults very engrossed. The Fremont is recruiting many different performers, from up and coming rappers who are rapidly gaining popularity to older artists who people have wanted to see for a long time.

This is perfect to attract audiences because they want to see the newest faces in music and also the ones that have been famous for years.