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Cuesta police and student body host a welcome barbecue


Students wait to be served barbecue by the Associated Students of Cuesta College and the Cuesta police department.
Photo by Name/Cuestonian

By Conor Ney
Staff Writer

The Associated Students Of Cuesta College and Cuesta College Police Department joined forces to hosted a free barbecue for students on Thursday afternoon.

The barbecue was held in front of the Student Center in an effort to reach out to the student community, and welcome them in for the new school year.

“It’s a great chance to talk to students and staff in a very informal setting,” said Bryan Millard, Cuesta’s chief of police. “Most times we come in contact with students they’re not having the best day of their lives.”

Gabe Lavezzi of the ASCC said the barbecue was a great opportunity to let students know that the police force and student government are available as resources to students.

The ASCC and Police Department served students hamburgers and root beer floats while answering any questions students may have had for them.