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Student Success Center showcases available programs


Alysha Nye, a Student Equity Academic Success Coach, welcomes students to Cuesta’s success center during the student success festival.
Photo by Marvin Cantorna/Cuestonian

By Conor Ney
Staff Writer

Cuesta’s Student Success Center held an open house on Thursday, showcasing the range of resources available as many incoming students are being acquainted with these services for the first time.

“It’s about starting a new year with students knowing all the support they can get around campus,” said Que Dang, the director of Student Services and Student Equity. “We want to connect students with services available to them.”

The open house featured desks for each department to advertise their services while instructors and volunteers fielded questions from students.

The Financial Aid office and counseling services were also represented at the open house.

Students were given stamp cards, and after talking with eight different departments or programs were given free pizza.

The main service on display was the drop-in tutoring available for students across all subjects. Over 100 tutors are employed by Cuesta, many of whom are students.

The Student Success Center is located downstairs in the library building (3300), while the Math Lab has been relocated to the 3400 building, upstairs in the library building.

“The Math Lab moved upstairs because it was expanding so much,” said Siboney Guardado, the associate director of the Student Success Center. “There’s more space and more people. There’s always going to be a tutor available for math.”

The Student Success Center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, while the Writing Center is open most days from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..

Also, the Student Success Center offers free group tutoring by appointment on Fridays for any group of three or more in any subject.

Weekly updated schedules for individual tutors across subjects are posted online on the Cuesta website, available at http://www.cuesta.edu/student/resources/ssc/tutorial_services/index.html