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Students don’t have to look far to study abroad


Jordan Kasow, Cuesta student, has traveled to numerous countries through the study abroad program.
Photo courtesy of Jordan Kasow / Cuesta Student

By Garrett K. Smiley

While Cuesta College does not offer a study abroad program, Santa Barbara City College does — and it is accepting applications from students who attend other California community colleges.

SBCC offers 20 different locations that include Spain, Italy, Germany and others.

“I’ve always wanted to travel on my own,” Christiana Grossi, a second year Cuesta student said. “So when I was presented with this opportunity to go to Rome, I thought it would be interesting to see what it’s like to live in a different country for a few months.”

During her time in in Italy, Grossi will be studying writing classes, a social psych class and, of course, Italian.

Grossi is just one of many Cuesta students utilizing the opportunities that SBCC is offering. Students still have time to sign up for studying abroad.

“Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden their horizons by immersing in different cultures while earning college credit,” Ariana Jimenez, university transfer & career services specialist said.

“It’s also exciting that scholarship opportunities exist through the SBCC study abroad program to help make it happen for students to travel to these amazing destinations,” Jimenez said.

SBCC’s study abroad program is one of the largest study abroad programs in the country, according to SBCC’s Director of International Programs Carola Smith.

“I’m looking forward to being involved with their culture and seeing all of the famous sites,” Grossi said. “I’m excited to see what it’s like to live independently because this will be the first time I will be living on my own.”

Jordan Kasow, a Cuesta Student preparing to study abroad formed a school club for like-minded students called “New Horizons.”

Cuesta student Jordan Kasow and Haley Cardaron in Italy. Photo courtesy of Jordan Kasow / Cuesta Student
Cuesta student Jordan Kasow and Haley Cardaron on vacation in Italy.
Photo courtesy of Jordan Kasow / Cuesta Student

“I helped create New Horizons to reach out to people that have a similar mindset and wanderlust burning holes in their heels” Kasow said.

The club seeks to show others there are people that are willing to help make traveling possible with a little effort from them, according to Kasow.

Kasow encourages students to study abroad like he has.

“If you hear the call of your own drummer telling you to see the world, you should take a second to stop and listen,” Kasow said.

Kasow said he enjoys his time abroad because of the differences.

“Traveling overseas also helped me appreciate the little things I missed in the states,” Kasow said. “Being given water free of charge when you get a meal, or going where mostly everyone speaks the language is comforting in its own way. I even thanked my first waiter back in Detroit for speaking English and he gave me the weirdest look.”

The courses taken in SBCC’s program are outlined so they can be transferable to University, according to Jimenez.

Opportunities are regularly available in countries such as Italy, Germany and Spain. Additionally, specialty destinations are periodically offered, such as Cuba, India, Rwanda, Thailand and Cambodia.

Applications for the summer and fall programs are due by May 1.

Winter break 2018-19 offers studying abroad in Bolivia for the Spanish Language program.

SBCC will also offer Bali and Indonesia in their 2019 Spring semester for art, anthropology and marine biology courses.

Studying abroad through another school’s program isn’t new, schools in California have been doing it through SBCC since 1973.

“We’ve had a long standing consortium agreement with Cuesta College, Ventura, Alan Hancock and Moorpark,” Smith said.

Seventeen students from Cuesta College have used SBCC’s international student program and have studied in several different countries, including countries like Spain and Germany.

Scholarships are available through SBCC’s program and through federal scholarship and the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship.

“If students have financial needs they can either contact our office directly or look on our website,” Smith said.

Applications to study in Japan, Italy, France, Germany and Spain are available via SBCC’s website for the summer and fall semesters.

Students can apply at www.sbcc.edu/studyabroad or call SBCC’s Study Abroad Senior Program Assistant Nicole Walther at (805) 730-4294.

The Trevi Fountain, located in Rome, Italy. Photo courtesy of Jordan Kasow / Cuesta Student
The Trevi Fountain, located in Rome, Italy.
Photo courtesy of Jordan Kasow / Cuesta Student