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The Cuestonian is open for spring 2021!

The Cuestonian class infographic. Graphic by Guadalupe Angeles

Join Cuesta College’s student newspaper, The Cuestonian, for the spring 2021 semester!

The Cuestonian offers the following courses: JOUR 202A, JOUR 202B, JOUR 202C, JOUR 203A, JOUR 203B and JOUR 203C. If a student is interested in becoming a new member, they must register for either JOUR 202A (Intro to News Production) or JOUR 203A (News Production for Visual Artists). Every returning member can register for advanced News Production classes, which are courses eligible for transfer credit.

All courses begin on Feb. 15. Class lectures, along with labs, will continue to be in the online format. The Cuestonian has a strong online presence that regularly breaks important news to inform our community.

The Cuestonian has multiple positions open, including reporters, editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and videographers. There’s a place for everyone who wants to be part of the paper and the intrinsic role it has to Cuesta College.

Reporters will gain experience and learn useful media production skills, including:

  • News writing
  • Research
  • Editing
  • Newspaper design elements
  • Time management
  • Web design
  • Teamwork

In addition, students will learn how to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom Classic and Premiere Pro.

Classes are available now at the Cuesta College Class Finder. Register today to be a part of a fun and exciting journalism team!