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The restaurants with the worst health codes

The San Luis Obispo Courthouse Cafeteria was given a score of 74 percent. According to EatSafeSlo.org, this is the worst score out of all the restaurants in SLO. Photo by Valeria Cisneros

Health inspectors from the San Luis Obispo County Public Health department carry out random inspections every month at local food and dining establishments. 

The inspections are meant to make sure that restaurants are following the regulations set by the department.

The program also provides a way for the public to take a look at the results of each inspection. EatSafeSlo.org was created as a site for people to look into the details of how local restaurants keep up with health code regulations. Some of the violations include using hand sanitizer in the place of hand soap, unattended cooked chicken on the counter, and more. In some cases, there was no hand soap in the facility at all during the time of the inspection.

It’s up to the customer to decide whether some of the violations change how they feel about the restaurant. These are the restaurants that compiled the the worst scores in San Luis Obispo during inspections:

San Luis Obispo Courthouse Cafeteria (Neighborhood Neighbors Food Inc.)

Total points deducted: 23.5

No hand soap was available for employees during the inspection. According to the inspector, an employee had to go and buy some while the inspection was happening. The prep-top refrigerator was also 12 degrees higher than it should be.

F. McLintocks Saloon & Dining

Total points deducted: 22

The meat slicer was not cleaned or sanitized before it was put away. There were no hand towels available at the bar. During the inspection, the prep top refrigerator was found to not be functioning. The temperature was 67 degrees. Staff had been unaware of the issue because the thermometer in the fridge was broken.

San Luis Fish & BBQ 

Total points deducted: 21.5

The inspector found that the facility was using hand sanitizer in place of hand soap. The site violation comment insisted that hand sanitizer is not a substitution for hand soap.

Oasis Restaurant

Total points deducted: 19.5

The inspector found that the floor sink under one of the three compartment sinks was overflowing. One of the employees had to unclog it during the inspection. The inspector noted that it was still draining slowly. The report noted that there was excessive clutter around the space and they were storing equipment that wasn’t in use, behind the facility.


Total points deducted: 19

During the inspection, the hand sink was filled with equipment and blocked. Both the hand soap and towel dispensers were empty for employee use.

The following restaurants scored 100/100 with no violations:

  • Ben Franklin’s Sandwich Co
  • High Street Market & Deli
  • Cowgirl Cafe, SLO
  • Peet’s Coffee & Tea
  • SLO Donut Company
  • Kona’s Deli

There were many more listed on the EatSafeSLo.org site.