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The spending has begun

Roofing of the 4200 building which will be repaired this summer.

By Kyler Peterson
Staff Writer

After months of planning, spending of the $275 million bond has been put into action.

Roofing of the 4200 building which will be repaired this summer.
The 4200 building roof, which will be repaired this summer.

On March 4, the board of trustees selected the committee which will review expenditure reports, inform the public, and present annual reports on the $275 million Measure L bond.

Forming this committee—known as the Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC)—is the first step the school must take before any Measure L projects can be put into action.

This committee will consist of a business, senior citizen, taxpayer organization, support organization, and student representative being Daniel Cadwell who is also the ASCC Presidential candidate.

Multiple projects have been approved following the appointment of the COC. A proposed agreement with Kitchell Construction for the initiation of a bond program which will provide temporary management until a permanent bond program manager is selected.

Blach Construction has been approved for the housing project which will temporarily replace the outdated modular buildings on both SLO and North County campuses while the permanent structures are under construction.

Blach Construction has also been approved to repair or replace the failing roofs and ventilation systems on the SLO campus structures this summer.

Additionally the Board of Trustees agreed as of March 4 not to limit the types of construction firms which can be hired in order to complete the Measure L projects, meaning non-union firms may be hired which could result in cheaper labor.