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Morgan Csecs Personal Social Media Handles

With the fall semester in full gear, I would like to introduce myself as this semester’s Editor-In-Chief for The Cuestonian! 

My name is Morgan Csecs. My interest in Journalism started when I was younger. I have always had an immense passion for writing.

When my freshman year of college rolled around, I chose to start my future in the journalism field at Cuesta, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have been working as a voice for our student body at Cuesta for about a year now. I created The Cuestonian’s first official TikTok account in September of 2022, and last semester passed over leadership of the account to my fellow partner and friend, former Social Media Editor, Addy Gomez

This past semester I took on the position of Social Media Manager for The Cuestonian’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, playing a vital role in informing students about events and occurrences on campus, exposing wrongdoing, and informing the larger community about relevant events.

Connection, Belonging, Safety, and having a platform we feel comfortable to be ourselves and speak our truth is such an important foundation for social, emotional, and academic success at school, and that is exactly what The Cuestonian has provided for us students at Cuesta College.

Rolling into my last semester at Cuesta College this fall, I have never been so excited to do whatever it takes to produce superlative content, alongside our other driven leaders and our dedicated professor, Cyrus Saatsaz. 

We are all absolutely thrilled and looking forward to what is in store this fall semester, with new students, new ideas, and new perspectives. Keep an eye out for more quality content to come and hope you had a great summer!