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What Cuesta College students are doing on spring break

Cuesta College Parking Lot 2A. Photo by Jonathan Apelado

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has caused many public areas to be closed, and most flights coming in and out of state have been delayed or canceled.

This has also caused schools to close their campuses to all students, forcing them to stay home under mandatory shelter in place orders. 

This pandemic has caused almost all students to either cancel or postpone their spring break travel plans. 

Some schools have already had their spring break, while others are currently on break. With Cuesta College having their spring break coming up, what are students doing? 

“I was going to go camping at Big Sur with my friends,” said Mark Luna, a Cuesta College student. “So now I’ll be working in an isolation station, working the whole week 12-hour shifts, and when I have time I’ll be at home remodeling our house.”

This has also caused out of state trips to be canceled last minute. 

“Before the quarantine, I was planning to go with my family up to Washington to see other family members, but like a lot of people I lost my jobs and because of the quarantine we are stuck home,” said Hayley Halvorsen, a Cuesta College student. “I’ve been baking to try to lift my family’s spirits and have been taking a lot of the cooking responsibilities from my parents to let them relax a bit after all the stress this is causing.”

These students are trying their hardest to make the best of their current situations. Which includes spending time with family or finding new activities to keep themselves busy. 

“I had planned a Tahoe trip with my friends for months in advance during spring break,” said Cole Miller, a Cuesta College student. “Luckily we all got our payments for the Airbnb back but what could’ve been a week of travel has turned into sheltering inside. I’m trying to find new shows, books, and video games to entertain me during this time, as well as challenge myself to cook meals with whatever I have in my fridge or cupboard for the foreseeable future.”

These students, along with all the others that are attending Cuesta College, have been planning their trips maybe even before the spring semester started. Not one of them expected to cancel them due to a worldwide pandemic that came out of the blue.