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Meet Cuesta College’s soccer star

Martha Mora. Photo courtesy of Cuesta College Athletics

Cuesta College has a local athlete named Martha Mora (#11) who has been shattering school records for the women’s soccer team. 

Mora is currently in her second year at Cuesta College and in her freshman year alone she scored 21 goals, breaking the single season school record of 16 first set in 1996. She also currently holds the record for the most points scored in a single season (points are calculated based on goals and assists with goals equaling two and assists equaling one). Mora ended last season with a total of 51 points, with 42 points coming from goals and nine from assists.

Mora is very committed to soccer and has been playing since the age of three. She played soccer at Coast Union High school in Cambria, Calif., where she graduated with a class of 48 fellow students. 

“I think what made me the player I am today is the fact that I started when I was so young, I have a passion for it and I’ve been injured a couple times but I always come back,” Mora said.

Mora didn’t start out last season trying to break records. Her main goal is just to get an offer from a university to play soccer. 

“I didn’t know I was close to breaking the record, but my coach told me after one of our games and I made that my goal,” Mora said. “I wanted to leave my mark I guess.” 

Mora’s main goal for the team this season is to make playoffs, since they haven’t qualified in recent years. Ideally, she would like to make it to the finals and win.

Personally, Mora would like to remain in the top five for goals scored this season and receive an offer.

Mora is also a very driven student. She is currently on pace to graduate from Cuesta College with an associate degree in Spanish and history, as well as an associate degree in legal studies. She hopes to become a high school Spanish teacher.

“I came to Cuesta College because it allowed me to get a higher education without having to suffer through the high costs of attending a university but also because it allowed me to stay close to family and friends,” Mora said.

In Mora’s perfect world, she would receive an offer from U.C. Santa Barbara. 

“They’re a great D1 school, it would make sense academically, and it’s close to home,” Mora said.