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¡ZOOM! program expands to Cuesta’s San Luis Obispo campus


Jamie Bettencourt, supervisor of the Student Success Center, highlights the advantages of the ¡ZOOM! program.
Photo by Sameer Wahba/Cuestonian

By Oliver Fend
Staff Writer

¡ZOOM!, formerly exclusive to Cuesta’s North County campus, has expanded its operation to the San Luis Obispo campus where it will assist up to 80 more students this semester.

¡ZOOM! is a program designed to help first-year college students complete their pre-college-level math and English courses faster.

The placement scores for some first-year students can be a major detriment to a college freshman’s academic career, however with the ¡ZOOM! program, it now has been quicker than ever to “zoom” through minor classes and move on to a transfer level.

The program will help first-year students become comfortable with a college environment, familiarize them with the resources available and to get them on the right track for their academic future, according to program staff.

A full staff of counselors and ZOOM Alumni are available to assist and mentor students enrolled in the program.

Not only is the program quick, but it is also free. This makes it economically friendly and accessible everyone. Students who complete the ¡ZOOM! program will save a great amount of money and avoid rudimentary classes that would waste student’s time, said program staff.

For students who are interested in ¡ZOOM!, there are still a few spots available, even past the deadline to register. If you qualify and are interested in enrolling, call the Student Success Center today at (805) 546-3150.