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BREAKING: Second confirmed case of COVID-19 at Cuesta College

Graphic by Ava Kershner

Cuesta College currently has two confirmed cases of COVID-19. 

The second student to allegedly have COVID-19 initially emailed their professor on March 24 notifying them of being a positive case. According to the student, no other professor of theirs had been informed.

The student revealed to their class during a Zoom conference meeting on April 1 that they are a positive case.  The student stated that they started to show symptoms after Cuesta College classes transitioned to online on March 14. The student claimed they still have symptoms, including fever, chills and body aches.

A Morro Bay resident, the students claimed that they likely contracted the virus from their workplace, the Albertsons grocery store in Morro Bay. 

The student revealed during the Zoom session that upon contacting medical professionals describing their symptoms, they were instructed to drive to a medical tent in Templeton, Calif., where the COVID-19 test took place.

As for now, the identity of the student will remain anonymous. They are recovering at home. Check cuestonian.com for more updates.