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Dear readers

The Cuestonian staff in today's modern classroom: A Zoom meeting. Photo by Michael Costa

Dear Readers of The Cuestonian, 

The staff wishes to thank you.

We thank you for staying safe and staying with us during this once-in-a-lifetime scenario. Moving from print to online took a toll on our paper in more ways than one. 

As events became cancelled, opportunities for our student journalists disappeared as well. Some of our staff never got to experience having their writing be in the print newspaper, losing the option of cutting it out and putting it on the fridge like one does with things they are proud of. 

Some say print news is dying, yet no other group of college students has been so proud to hold their stories in their hands. The absence of the print edition of The Cuestonian may have dimmed our spirits with a flicker, but journalism never gets a day off. Our lights are on and glowing. 

Though some never got to cover a sporting event or art show at Cuesta College, we did get the lesson of covering a pandemic. 

That can go on a resume, right?

Despite these uncertain times, we are grateful for those choosing to support our newspaper. We are proud of our writers making their stories the first priority in order to supply our readers. And although we are not happy about COVID-19 and our classes being online, we are thankful that this learning opportunity is toughening us up. 

As summer break approaches, we cross our fingers for another chance at a print edition in the fall semester. We hope for reporters to gain experience writing about Cuesta College’s classes, events, arts, sports, and everything that a student journalist should get to write about. 

But if classes stay online, doors stay shut and the world actually does end, The Cuestonian is here to write about it. 

Stay safe and go Cougars!