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From exploding pumpkins to touring Alcatraz

Clubs self-promoting at Cuesta's campus

By Kyler Peterson
Staff Writer

Ever pondered the flavor of liquid nitrogen or dreamt about a private tour of the Hearst Castle?

Clubs self-promoting at Cuesta's campus
Photo courtesy of Kyler Peterson/ The Cuestonian

This is just another day in the lives for members from a few of the many clubs at Cuesta.

The Chemistry/Physics club has been a part of Cuesta for over six years.  Members not only participate in projects like creating liquid nitrogen slushies and exploding pumpkins, they build also social bonds that last beyond their years at Cuesta according to club advisor Greg Baxely.

”By working together and helping each other study for classes, they improve their skills and knowledge in science classes,” Baxely said.

If pumpkin projectiles are not your idea of fun, join the Art History club on one of their many tours where members learn about the diverse cultural and artistic heritage of California.

“The Cuesta College Art History Club will certainly continue in the fall, as we already have interested students,” said Art History Club Advisor Megan Lorraine Debin. “It is a place for people who have an interest in art history, or cultural history in general, to come together around a shared interest.”

This club took a specialized private tour of the Hearst Castle, and also traveled to San Jose to visit the Museum of Egyptian Art.

The club is also planning a trip to Ai Wei exhibit in the old prison on Alcatraz in San Francisco this upcoming fall.

“We want to bring this kind of cultural and artistic awareness to the larger Cuesta community,” Debin said. “It’s about getting ideas outside of the classroom and into everyday life.”

Another club for those looking to excel academically is Cuesta’s Alpha Gamma Sigma chapter—derived from the first letters of the Greek words Arete, Gnosis, and Sophrosyne meaning excellence, knowledge, and wisdom respectively—the California Community College Scholastic Honor Society.

“Alpha Gamma Sigma was founded in 1926,” said AGS advisor Dr. Chris Gilbert. “Our chapter here at Cuesta was founded well before I came to the college.”

AGS gives Cuesta students a chance to get ahead of other community college students and high school transfers alike. Members who excel academically can apply for thousands of dollars in scholarships as well as have “Member of Alpha Gamma Sigma” on their transcript, which can help the student compete for four-year university admissions and even employment.

To become a member, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and turn in an application to the Student Center in room 5307 along with a $25 membership fee.

Students interested in joining a club can search the club brochure at cuesta.edu or contact club members.

If none of the 24 clubs or organizations at Cuesta College fit your interest, all students have the power to start their own.

To apply for a new club at Cuesta College, bring together six people and a club constitution. The initial members require a club president, vice president, advisor, and three starting participants. Both the president and vice president as well as three members must be Cuesta College students. The advisor must be employed by Cuesta from the time of the clubs initial approval until the end of the clubs existence.

If you are unfamiliar with the rules of constitution composition, a sample constitution along with the application form is included in the New Club Packet pdf which can be found on the Activities and Clubs link under Student Life at cuesta.edu.