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Vaccines and masks.

Vaccines are effective. Of course, anything is possible in the world of epidemiology.

But should we base public health policy on that?

Fauci is still peddling the impression that we interminably have to kowtow to all the exasperating constraints after being vaccinated. He does not tell us the miniscule percent of “breakout infections.” Not only that — you will also never hear about the number of very slight cases. 

If we make assessments about health policy based on outlier situations, we will live perpetually terrified. It is just wrong. 

Vaccinated people effectively do not pass the virus. The “experts” say, “Oh, but it’s still possible.” Anything is possible. They are dishonest by omission. They do not talk about the percentage of vaccinated people who even manage to transfer it. 

Fauci reported that 84 million Americans have been vaccinated. The CDC reported that 6,000 people became reinfected.   

That translates to a .000071 % rate of breakthrough infections. When Fauci tells you that you still need to practice restrictions after being vaccinated, he, surely not mistakenly, omits this important detail. 

He effectively just says to stay in line and shut up. He does so based on the .000071 % chance that a vaccinated person gets reinfected. Maybe that person gives it to someone, and that person has a severe reaction to it, or gives it to someone else who does. 

The odds with this chain of transmission are borderline fictional. Are we going to live our lives with his babble because he doesn’t want to give up control? That is the actual motive.

Vaccinated people do not threaten transmission in any honest public health framework. People will always say, “We don’t know the numbers.” 

Actually, we do. 

A hundred years of vaccine epidemiology tells us that this is the ticket. This is the way to the end. 

However, will it truly, ever end? When will they take off your fetters? 

You do not get to make levelheaded deductions for yourself. No. This ends whenever the public health pen pushers say so. That is it.

These control freaks have not protected us. Their rhetoric is botched. Look at the numbers in Mississippi and Texas. Can anyone tell me what to make of the fact that, despite lifting mask mandates two months ago, both states report their lowest number of cases in nearly a year? 

Mississippi lifted mask mandates March 3, and has reported the lowest number of cases since May. Texas lifted mask mandates and fully reopened businesses and facilities on March 10. Texas Governor Greg Abbot reported the lowest number of Covid fatalities since May. Hospitalizations are the lowest in 10 months. 

Being locked down, petrified, double-masking outside – all of it – is absurd. Fauci has been deeply, unnecessarily destructive. His maniacal mindset did not benefit or save us. Fauciism made everything worse.

I see all the frustration, the pain, the downside of Fauci’s smarter-than-everyone insane mandates. He is supposed to know so much more than the rest of us. He’s hailed as the “science” expert. 

And yet, he has not helped us. He has hurt us immensely. His assessments have led to the destruction of families’ generations-old businesses, ruined people financially, increased childhood mental illness and suicide, caused the highest opioid overdose fatalities since the ‘90s, and caused a 33% rise in US homicides since the pandemic began.  

Could this have anything to do with economic ruin and anxiety? Ya think? Was all of this economic collapse and unnecessarily-imposed hysteria warranted? This affects people’s lives. This affects people’s futures, or lack thereof. This is you and this is me I’m talking about.

Vaccines are safe. You are safe to do…whatever. You shouldn’t have to wear a mask in yoga class, on your bike, or in a restaurant when you have been vaccinated. 

For those who say that there is still a chance, well, there will always still be a chance. 

Fauci wants the absolute power to say what we can and cannot do until he says so. This is irrational, especially because he doesn’t ever tell us what the goal is, what the numbers need to be, or what that looks like. It’s just, “Do as you are told.” 

The messaging is upside down and irresponsible when he tells us to social distance even after getting vaccinated. He should be telling us that we can have our lives back once we have been. This is just common sense. Reality. Vaccines are effective. You should be able to go back to life as usual once you have been vaccinated. 

And people like me are also immune because I have had the virus. I am under 60, and older than 25. I had mild symptoms, and I’m fine.

People all around me just comply: no questions asked. Again, your odds of getting reinfected are infinitesimal. But still, masking up is totally warranted in Fauci’s mind.

And if you don’t conform, people look at you like they have seen a ghost.

April 26, the CDC lifted the outdoor mask mandate for fully-vaccinated people. However, that wasn’t good enough for our suave, illustrious governor, Gavin Newsom, who finally observed this guideline May 3.

Excuse me, Mr. Governor, based upon what science are you smarter than the CDC? 

Is it any wonder the effort to recall this miser has reached almost 2 million signatures, more than the number required to force a vote? I laugh as he uses the typical, go-to, false narrative that this effort was led by white supremacists and anti-vaccine QAnon extremists. HAHA. Wrong again. 

Do you think this may have anything to do with his being caught breaking his own laws? Have you seen the leaked photos of him dining INDOORS at a posh restaurant without a mask, with other elites? 

For those fond of calling Fox News “conspiracy theorists,” eat your words!

However, if I don’t wear a mask no matter what, then, hey, that must mean I am cruel, right? Yeah, sure, as if I really don’t care about you or anyone else.

That’s the arrogant attitude with these indoctrinated, sadly misled sheep.

It is Newsom who doesn’t give a you-know-what, along with the Biden administration and his mainstream media right arm, (and if you listen to them, they are just not as smart as they think they are), and Fauci.

What Fauci says about Republicans is gravely misleading, too: “So, it’s almost paradoxical that on the one hand they want to be relieved of these restrictions, but on the other hand, they don’t want to be vaccinated. It just almost doesn’t make any sense.” 

No, what doesn’t make any sense, Mr. Science Noncompliance, is the way you don’t understand what “paradoxical” means. What’s paradoxical is how your messaging has hurt the vaccination drive significantly by telling us that if we get vaccinated we should still be terrified, and that our lives will not change, regardless of whether we are vaccinated or not.

Yes, it’s true that senior citizens have a genuine concern. I understand that those with compromised immune systems and poor health have real fear. 

I’m talking about 20-somethings who have the luxury of working from home and ordering DoorDash. Their moralistically-righteous virtue signaling is on full display with pictures they post of themselves, sitting on their couches while wearing a mask. Does that make them “good people?” 

And because they watch CNN, they unquestionably continue these “measures” until Fauci says so. They are not impacted like the impoverished children who don’t have access to computers, who have forever lost a whole year of education, who face more abuse than ever in their torn homes. 

You know, I did what I was told to do. I obeyed, and after 12 months, I finally got Covid. I am fine, and here I am.

Fauciism is about perverse control and unending, unreasonable fear. This little tyrant, this most repugnant and caustic health official, is the face and the voice of excessive, indiscriminate, contradictory restraints. 

He is the reason you are still obediently wearing that filthy mask from your back pocket (as if that’s good for you), two weeks after vaccination. 

Did you hear about the high school track runner who passed out at the end of her race? She collapsed from lack of oxygen because she was wearing a mask! She’s lucky she wasn’t injured because of this nonsense. Imposing masks on outdoor sporting events should be a crime.

Fauci is a downright failure. And he actually got promoted by the Biden administration! But that makes sense because like attracts like.

TODAY on Twitter: “Will you accept President-elect Biden’s offer to serve as his chief medical adviser? -@SavannahGuthrieAbsolutely, I said yes right on the spot. -Dr. Anthony Fauci pic.twitter.com/lHr3z1v3vo / Twitter”

Will you accept President-elect Biden’s offer to serve as his chief medical adviser? -@SavannahGuthrieAbsolutely, I said yes right on the spot. -Dr. Anthony Fauci pic.twitter.com/lHr3z1v3vo


If you think I sound angry, bingo. I am angry because this is personal. I love my country, and I am only just getting started.

Because of this inept, destructive, and dishonest current administration, we are also facing approaching inflation and extreme foreign policy threats, among many other failures.

But those are for another time, so stay tuned.

Editors’ Note: “The views expressed in this editorial are entirely those of the author and do not represent those of The Cuestonian publication or Cuesta College. The Cuestonian welcomes submissions of public comment on the website, as well as in the form of a “Letter to the Editor” in order to promote healthy discussion on the political topics expressed above.”


  1. “Fauciism” didn’t destroy America

    First off, get your math right. 6,000 breakthrough infections out of 84 million people that received a full vaccination is not 0.000071 percent, it’s actually 0.0071 percent. You’re off by 100 times.

    Speaking of math, 32.6 million Americans (according to the CDC) have gotten COVID-19 out of 328.2 million. That’s only 9.93 percent of the US population.

    Also, only 580,818 Americans (according to the CDC) have died from COVID-19 out of 328.2 million Americans. That’s only 0.17 percent.

    To you, it looks like “‘we’ don’t know the numbers.”

    And sarcastically speaking, “why have we made such a big fuss over this little COVID-19 virus? That’s barely any people.”

    Second, you’re stating that breakthrough infections are the same thing as being reinfected, which is incorrect. Breakthrough infections are when someone gets the illness they were vaccinated for, not someone getting reinfected by an illness.

    And you’re basically stating that we should not bother with any illness that is less than a certain percentage. That’s crazy. I guess we shouldn’t waste our time concerning ourselves with other illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, the common flu, of even cancer. I mean, only 1.8 million Americans get cancer each year, which is only 0.55 percent of Americans.

    You use words like “borderline fictional” and “infinitesimal odds” to state the small chance of someone getting an illness. But someone who gets cancer or COVID would disagree with having a fictional or infinitesimal case.

    I don’t understand you saying that this is all about Fauci keeping control over us. All Fauci wants to do is to have control over the virus, not the American people.

    And, you make it sound like Fauci is unilaterally making these decisions. It’s the CDC as a whole makes these decisions, using a scientific and logical approach, not just haphazardly making decisions to control us.

    And oh, comparing Fauci to Fascism is oh, so clever of you.

    Third, Fauci has done more good than harm in this pandemic.

    But, I guess you, Jena, could say Fauci is a terrible person by letting us, Americans die in such high numbers, higher numbers than any another country, including India, out of its 1,366 million people.

    I guess Europe (and most of the World) must have better scientists because they had less deaths than America. Europe followed the same public health rules, but had a lower percentage. I guess the high number of American deaths had nothing to do with Americans not wanting to follow public health rules. Citizens rather wanting to “die free” than “live.”

    Or maybe it had to do with some other American “scientist” to blame, one I shall not name. This American “hero” should be at the top of your list, not Fauci.

    Also, you need to step back and look at the macro level of the situation and just not put every single problem on one person. There’s a lot of blame to go around. Mistakes were made. American lives were lost. We’ll look back upon this situation and see that not one person was to blame.

    Jena, I’m glad you were able to live through getting COVID-19 and only had mild symptoms, and you’re now fine.

    Typical, just thinking of yourself and not of other Americans; Americans that died and those who had severe symptoms, and those that continue to live with symptoms.

    I’d like to state that if everyone got a COVID vaccine, we could basically eradicate this virus, like we were able to do with smallpox.

    And once we all get vaccinated, we can all live your dream of getting back to “normalcy.”

    I could go on and on, but I’ll save my words for another time.

    In all seriousness, I applaud you Jena McCulloch. I applaud you for not being afraid to fully speak your mind and put your thoughts out there for critique. I also applaud you for being in the Cuestonian class.

    From a former Cuestonian, keep up the hard work and I look forward to more of your opinions.

    Continue your research within your lab. What do you research in your lab? Or is the World your “lab?”

  2. The Poynter Institute is hosting a virtual festival of fact-checking with Dr. Anthony Fauci on May 10-13. They have invited Cuesta students to attend at a greatly discounted price of $15. If you wish to attend go to https://www.poynter.org/united-facts-of-america-a-festival-of-fact-checking/#1617292338573-b427759d-6a56 and use the code TRUTHEB.

    The Poynter Institute is a global leader in journalism. Poynter taps into the expertise and experience of media executives, journalists, technologists and academics to answer the biggest questions around the future of journalism and democracy. It is the world’s leading instructor, innovator, convener and resource for anyone who aspires to engage and inform citizens.

  3. Taylor,

    I appreciate your acknowledging and agreeing with me, in our private emails, that to some extent your saying, “Typical, just thinking of yourself and not of other Americans; Americans that died and those who had severe symptoms, and those that continue to live with symptoms.” is hostile. I was disappointed that a former Cuestonian would not hold himself to a higher standard. Cyrus specifically addressed this with me before publishing my editorial, instructing me to take out words like “dems.” He said it is ok to criticize political parties as a whole, but not to stereotype people or groups of people.

    Another reason your personal attack surprised me, is that you completely missed the point. On the other hand, your comment does not surprise me at all. I understand that we could go back and forth for years, and you would never understand. That’s ok. Perhaps you are among those who I described as sadly misled and indoctrinated.

    Suffering is horrible. The beauty of science is that it helped us understand how to avoid it. But look, Taylor, part of being human is taking risks. We take risks every day just by getting out of bed. We decide to cross a street, not necessarily wondering if we will get hit by a car. But it is possible. For example, our chance is 1 in 15,300 that we will get struck by lightening. But has that ever stopped you from enjoying the rain? Similarly, because of the small percentage of those who are horribly affected by Covid, we do not need to live our lives in fear. You, yourself, cited the number of those who get the virus, and the number of those who die.

    But your idea that I just don’t care about anyone else is rooted firmly in anger and emotion. It is baseless.

    Remember, it is Fauci, himself, who originally said on March 8 of last year that masks are unnecessary. He said that “…wearing a mask might just make people feel better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

    Later, he gave various excuses as to why he changed his directive. Whatever. Truthfully, even the WHO and CDC said the same thing at that time.

    I agree with you that Fauci is not the sole cause of devastating effects of bureaucratic overreach. However, his assessments influenced policy because he is the top infectious disease “expert.”

    The petrified public who unquestionably listened to him are now conditioned. What is that story about the frog in boiling water? Oh, yeah. It’s called the “boiling frog syndrome.” If a frog is placed in a pot of water as the temperature rises, the frog adjusts. He does not know to simply jump out of the water. His body adjusts to the rising heat until the water boils. You know how it ends.

    Thanks to such fear and anxiety, many people complied with all of Fauci’s reasoning. Remember, he is a bureaucrat. How much money do you estimate he has made off of his scam? Do you think he wants to give up his spotlight on weekend television appearances? Is there a chance that he is addicted to power?

    Look around, and decide for yourself. Now he says that mask-wearing could become seasonal. Is this okay with you? How likely is it that he had this up his sleeve all along? Dr. Fauci himself has said that seasonal recurrence of Covid is not likely once the majority of people are vaccinated. He’s even talking about masking up every flu season.

    Don’t be surprised next time he moves the bar, contradicting what he previously said.

    He even declared after investigating the Spanish flu in 2008 that most deaths were caused by bacterial pneumonia, caused by wearing masks.

    I am sorry for suffering. I have had plenty of it myself.

    And you claim that I am clever for comparing Fauci to Fascism. No, not clever. Just honest. Since you brought it up, I think it’s an important notion to explore here. Ask yourself whether you can see any similarities of Sovietism in America today:

    First, ideological indoctrination. Wokism closely mirrors a Soviet-like state religion. A majority of blue states are still ordering people around based on anti-science rhetoric, all the while claiming that they are doing their patriotic duty. There is no reason why Fauci and Biden double-mask in public although they are both fully vacinated. But people see that, and they fall in line.

    Of all things, those who do not mask up after being vaccinated, who won’t wear a mask 20 feet away from others, are considered monsters. The finger is pointed in the wrong direction. I call these people logical, sane.

    When someone scorns at another for not wearing a mask at a time when it is just crazy to do so, something else is going on with that hysterical person. They must be emotionally damaged, and I don’t say that in a mean way. Being so accustomed to having their civil liberties compromised, they see no fault in those who constantly move the bar.

    This is just insane. Breakthrough Covid case are so close to zero percent.

    Acually, since I’m on a roll, I will say more about ideological indoctrination. There is the claim that America is systemically racist without any proof or sound discussion. Would a systemically racist country have a black VP or a black president for eight years?

    Last year, the U.S. Department of Labor statistics revealed that minority employment was at a record high. Of the 5.2 million jobs created by the Trump administration, 86 percent of those were filled by minorities. This happened under the Trump administration.

    Why do you think the 2020 election brought Trump the highest percentage of non-white votes for a Republican in 60 years? However, mainstream media pundits said that the election confirmed the power of “White Patriarchy.” Based on what evidence? None.

    Democrats view minorites through a racial lens. Despite the data, they say that Trump is a racist and the country is racist as a whole. Really? Half the country who voted for Trump is racist? I just proved that this claim is a lie.

    Second, a media that validates government lies. If you watch CNN or MSNBC, among others, you will hear the echo of Fauci’s talking points. However, media monitoring centers find that 93 percent of the coverage of Donald Trump was negative. Is this believable, although at least 74 million Americans supported him?

    Our economy was finally booming again after the previous administration’s disasters; black, hispanic and asian American employment was at a record high; illigal immigration was down 90 percent from the previous administration’s onslaught; the Obama administration created the “kids in cages,” while saying Trump was cruel. Trump enforced the law for asylum seekers to find asylum in the nearest admissible country. Our so-called “border czar” Harris, can’t seem to find her way to the border. And Psaki avoids telling the truth about what is going on.

    Democrats are not humanitarians. What’s happening at the border is an assault on humanity. Children are being sent with cartels, raped and murdered along the way, arriving at our border unbelievably abused. I repeat, they are being brought by cartels, who are making a killing at this most advantageous time for themselves.

    But that’s okay for the Biden administration. The reason they won’t talk about it or show you what is actually happening, is because they are systematically building a permanent underclass. Democrats are racist.They will keep these poor people dependent on them and under their thumb, all the way to the ballot box.

    There are children on top of one another at our southern border in a space three times the size of a football field. But do you ever see these pictures on MSNBC? Are they required to social distance and wear masks? Border patrol can’t keep up with the numbers, so they are sending them out into the interior of the country without knowing anything about them. Is this not considered a “super-spreader?” These people are not just from Mexico and Central America.

    Is it even conceivable at all to you that unknown quantities of drugs, criminals and terrorists are being scattered through our land? But democrat elites won’t see these truths around their gated and guarded mansions. Psaki simply changes words like “crisis” to “challenge.” Optics. Now that Biden is unfortunately president, the cages are no longer criticized.

    But people are catching on. Union workers who supported Biden now say they regret it after Biden slashed tens of thousands of well-paying, specialized careers in the energy sector on his first day in office. Forget what Kerry says. It’s nonsense. He circles the earth in his private jet, preaching green energy. Our carbon footprint will be much deeper with oil transported by train. And how comfortable are you with depending on oil from the middle east — countries who stone women to death if they are raped? How could democrats say they support women?

    The worst incendiary assertions by our radical, democrat media hacks, which have been proven false, include the Russia collusion delusion, the go-to, predictable “Russian misinformation” claim concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the rioters at the Capitol being armed.

    Third, the Soviet surveillance state criminalized ideological dissenters. Similarly, the DOD is looking to identify “insurrectionary” segments. The USPS admits to tracking Americans’ social media.

    Fourth, the Soviet educational system did not seek to teach or to foster meaningful exchange of ideas, but to indoctrinate developing minds to align with government rhetoric.

    Teachers of all levels are now ferrited out for not complying with demands to teach students that America must renounce its evil foundation and apologize for who we are.

    If reparations are needed for slavery two centuries ago, it has been done. Isn’t 600,000 soldiers’ dying blood on our battlefields enough? We stopped slavery.

    Keeping blacks in a martyr framework only makes it worse for them. Look, “hands up, don’t shoot” never happened. Numerous eye-witnesses testified that the “victim” was reaching for the cop’s gun, while the cop was in his car, when he was shot. Treyvon Martin was sitting on top of George Zimmerman, violently banging Zimmerman’s skull on the pavement, when he was shot in self-defense.

    Fifth, but not lastly, a government run by elites who are protected by the outcomes of their socialist agenda. Woke Silicon Valley elites talk about social equality as they live like royalty. What unites these people with others such as Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James, Mark Zuckerberg and the Obamas is that they all live in mansions. Those who argue for the disadvantaged blacks, such as BLM co-founder, Patrice Cullors, admits in a discovered video from 2015 that she is a Marxist, unapologetically affirming the organization’s ideology. She also recently professed adoration for Mao. By the way, this poor, disadvantaged woman in an inherently racist country just bought her fourth house with donations from her Marxist BLM movement.

    Have you had enough? I could go on, if you still are not convinced.

    Taylor, instead of spewing emotionally-charged rhetoric and personal accusations, perhaps you could relax and find some calm before engaging in debate. You said that you are looking forward to more of my opinions. By now, I hope you are. Thank you for your time.

    All I am saying is that we can’t live our lives in fear of the slim chance that we will fall victim to life’s hazards. Covid is a horrible killer, and this year has been the most costly to the whole globe in every way.

    Again, we could go back and forth about this for years. I choose to accept that there are some things upon which people disagree, but if we can exchange ideas freely without making it personal, then that is a step forward for a very divided population. If people can learn to think for themselves, instead of being told what to think, I may not need to write so much.

    But this is why I am here, and I will never stand down.

  4. P.S. you were right about the math. I apologize. Thank you for correcting that. I will be more careful in the future.

  5. Hey Jena,
    My thoughtful comments at the end of my post was not part of the overall rebuttal, just a side note. I thought I separated and italicized my serious comments and questions, but the website’s comment area didn’t take my formatting. I wasn’t trying to be patronizing or disingenuous. I meant what I said, that I truly appreciated how and what you wrote.
    And as a former Editor-in-chief of the Cuestonian, I am always curious why someone decided to sign up for the Cuestonian class(es), a few students were there to gain experience after getting their Bachelor’s degree, or were there to help themselves grow as an individual. And in my time at the Cuestonian, we had many different types of people and different reasons for attending, who I all respected. 

    When I meant “typical,” I was talking about those people who don’t wear a mask, and that not wearing a mask shows that they do not respect or care for other people’s well being.
    I’m sorry, I do take it personally when someone is preaching to people to not wear a mask because of the condition I am in, and before most people are vaccinated. And as I said, “once we all get vaccinated, we can all live the dream of getting back to ‘normalcy,'” our mask-less normalcy.

    I want to say, even though I may disagree with you, I still respect you as a person. 

    Thanks for your time,


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