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Halloween Costumes: To spend or not to spend?

A little girl trick or treating as a princess.


The time of the year where for one night, you can be anything you want without getting double takes. 

Some choose to lock the door and turn off the lights. Some choose to keep it classic with a white sheet and eyeholes. But for others, All Hallow’s Eve is the night to go all out. 

For people who decide to celebrate Halloween, the most important question arises as the 31st grows near: What will you be? 

Will you come as the average policeman, ladybug, or vampire? Or will you be everyone’s favorite professor, the star of the movie that made you giggle for two hours straight, or something that makes the whole party simultaneously remember the star of their beloved childhood TV show? 

Yes, store bought costumes are considered to be easy and convenient. But the true creatives of this society are the ones that go through the process of bringing their dream alive by making their costume. 

Looking online for a costume can be expensive as well. A Captain Marvel outfit can cost up to $54.99. Plus, it could come too big or too small. Speaking from personal experience, I once made a Barbie in a Box costume that consisted of me carrying a giant cardboard box painted pink around me all day. I straightened my hair and wore an old pink mini dress, pink lipstick and a smile. And it cost $0.

A few advantages of a homemade costume are:

  1. No one will be wearing the same thing you will. 
  2. They are more accessible to people.
  3. They are much more unique than a costume that came in a plastic bag. 
  4. The costume won’t be a size too small and unreturnable. 
  5. It will show off the artistic mind that made it (YOU!)

Store bought costumes do have the advantage of being a last minute go-to. They are uncomplicated and appealing to those who do not have extra time to plan. 

But if you have spare time this October, ask yourself these questions: What could I be that really stands out? And what has that wow factor? 

Once you find the answer, show off your creation. All of the Supermans and Sexy Cats will be astounded.