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How COVID-19 is affecting high school students in SLO

Atascadero High School. Photo by Ava Kershner

COVID-19, or most commonly known as the Coronavirus, has affected students around the nation. 

This has caused school boards to close down their campuses to students, faculty, and the general public. These all range from elementary schools, high schools, and even college campuses. Students are still required to keep up with their schoolwork by doing homework and taking tests online. 

This is a huge change to a routine that most students are already accustomed to. This has possibly affected high school seniors the most. 

With campuses and most public areas closed, the recent events of COVID-19 have caused schools to cancel all their planned programs. Which included dances, rallies, and sports events. 

“I feel absolutely horrible,” said Katie Kershner, a senior attending Atascadero High School. “It feels like the most rewarding experiences of my high school experiences have been ripped through my hands. I won’t ever get to experience it again.” 

Those who are playing for one of their high school’s sports teams are also affected by the events of COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has affected my school life by canceling my spring sport, the only sport I play which is softball,” said Alyssa Carnero, a senior attending Nipomo High School. “Due to that, there’s no senior night and I can’t bond with the other girls and have my last year of memories. I probably won’t be able to go to Six Flags for my birthday as one of my last send offs before I leave for boot camp for the Navy.” 

The seniors attending high school from 2019 to 2020 won’t have the chance to go to those long-awaited events that they have seen other seniors enjoy since their freshman year. Those that have been waiting four years to go to prom, grad night, graduation, or any other favorite senior events probably won’t get another chance.

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