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What are Cuesta College students doing during quarantine?

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Amid the March 19 mandatory shelter-in-place issued by San Luis Obispo County, the current quarantine situation has brought unemployment upon many people and kept even more people home. 

It has provided many with an opportunity to utilize this newfound free time to the fullest. Cuesta College students have been trying to find ways to stay productive during the quarantine.

Here are what some Cuesta College students have been doing.

“During quarantine I’ve been coping by spending lots of time outdoors. Over the past few weeks, I have hiked almost everyday, been to the beach, and explored around the Central Coast.”
– Ashley Monteiro, Communication Studies

“I have been spending my time watching movies, playing board games with my family and (sadly) on social media. I also try to go on a walk around the neighborhood during the day for my own sanity.”
– Cassandra Concha, Early Childhood Development

“During quarantine, I’ve been working at Starbucks, playing a list of video games, eating a lot, doing homework, and trying my old hobbies.”
– Kyle Miller, Environmental Chemistry

“I’m trying to stay active as well as connected with friends, and avoid the temptation to watch Youtube or Netflix all the time. I have been walking my dog, hiking, and doing other workouts. I also try to FaceTime friends as much as possible to stay connected. Another thing I do is watch my church’s live streamed videos throughout the week. I find them to be encouraging during this time.”
– Ellie Amesse, Undeclared

“I have been waking up and working out. Then I do my homework for my classes. Then I go on a walk with my mom and dog, Sadie. Lastly, I usually tan or go in the pool to get some sunshine.”
– Alison Viggiano, Communication Studies

Photos were submitted by the students interviewed for this piece. Nathan Moran contributed to this story.