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  1. Dear Cuestonian,
    My name is J.P. FLores (he/el) and I’m a student here at Cuesta. I just saw your ” I Am Cuesta College” short film and I was wondering why there wasn’t any real representation of people of color? The Latinx community comprises 1/3 of our student population and I didn’t see any black students. I don’t believe your omission was intentional, but just overlooks the contribution of students and faculty who look like me. I think you missed an opportunity to represent the real Cuesta and showcase all its beautiful diversity.
    I also wanted to ask you if you would be interested in covering a very important, and historical, event that is quietly taking place on campus. Two students, Dawn Grillo (ASCC President/Black Student Union President and J.P. Flores ( Co-Chair of the ChicanX student club M.E.Ch.A. ) have been co-presenting on a proposal to establish a robust Ethnic Studies Department here at Cuesta to College Administration. We, MEChA, have passed a club resolution in support of Ethnic Studies and the ASCC has just passed a resolution. This is an opportunity for The Cuestonian to step up and cover this historic issue that will affect all students and staff at Cuesta. I know Dawn Grillo would be more than willing to have a meeting with you and talk about this issue. Please, follow the example in the leadership of these students who are courageously speaking out. Gracias.

    Siempre Adelante/ Forever Forward, J.P. Flores (he/el/other)

  2. Thank you for watching the video and for your thoughtful comments regarding the lack of diversity in this piece. As I mentioned during our phone call, we don’t get to choose who is in a class we are filming or who will agree to be on camera.
    I trust that through our dialog and your involvement in MEChA as well as other initiatives and clubs on campus we will be better able to reflect the diversity of Cuesta Community College. Again, it was a pleasure to chat with you today and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.
    Daniel Burg
    Managing Editor – The Cuestonian

  3. Mr. Burg,
    Thank you for reaching out to us. In the past, when I’ve reached out to people in an effort to give marginalized students a voice, no one responds. I respect you and the fact that you were willing to have a serious conversation. We love this school! We know that the omission was unintentional. We just want our voices to be heard and everyone to know we are here too. The Cuestonian is welcome at M.E.Ch.A. Thank you, again for taking the time to talk with me.

    Somos Cuesta/ We are Cuesta, J.P. Flores (he/el)

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