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Daniel Burg

I am a sixty something life-long learner, creator, cook and vagabond (read long-term traveler not vagrant.) I have been in love with the same beautiful woman for 30+ years and have four endearing and delightful children. I cook because we are meant to nourish one another. I travel because that is how we discover all the shades of being. I create because that is our purpose. I am fit yet not fanatical, lighthearted yet neither fickle nor unpredictable. I possess a modicum of charm tempered by a deferential humanity. I am wrapped with the passions of Jacob and have on occasion dreamt of being the poster child for Carpe Diem. I believe that "what if" is the way that all great adventures begin and should never be squandered on mourning opportunities not taken.

I am Cuesta College