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New on campus art exhibit happening now


By Michele Kubacki and Emily Morales

The Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery will be hosting a new collaborative art installment on campus called “Vanished: A chronicle Across Half a Million Years.”

The gallery will be open for visitors to experience the visual and interactive art from six artists attempting to bring us the story of four vanished icons through historic photography, sculpture, sound, writing and illustration.

“How do you tell [the] story of something that has disappeared?” asks Byron Wolfe, one of the collaborative artists who came up with the idea to tell these stories while standing on top of what is still an active volcano of Lassen Peak.

Wolfe was working with the most complex parts of the project in creating a large photographic book, using historic imagery and tools. He wanted to connect four areas of interest, including the geography of the area: a mammoth tooth found there, a large Hooker Oak tree, the Lassen Volcano and the Story of Ishi, Wolfe states.

He decided it was too complex to tell the story with just photographs and invited five other artists to collaborate and help tell the story. “This is far too complex for any one person to produce” and art is always “better with more,” Wolfe said.

This is a chance to learn about history through visual and interactive art, with five other artists there to showcase their talent as well.

The artists are hoping to get critical feedback to help them to fill in the gaps of the story they are trying to tell, according to several of the artists

The installment will run from Jan. 19 until Feb. 16, 2017 and is open to everyone.